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A travel blog entry by renard


The sun finally arrives!, Araruama, Brazil travel blog

The sun finally arrives!

A travel blog entry by athena


Since I stepped foot in this county, it has been cloudy and rainy and "cold". Cold here is like...25 degrees Celsius! LOL! I keep telling them here that we up in Canada would kill for a winter with THAT kind of temperature! Anyway...I made use of the ...

Is it home time already?!, Araruama, Brazil travel blog

Is it home time already?!

A travel blog entry by athena

... at the amount of family I have. I had so much fun meeting them all and got along really well with the 4 cousins I have in Araruama. I think I've been oficially dubbed "Coolest Cousin EVER". Works for me! I don't mind having a fan club! Everyone was really ...

Xmas in November?, Araruama, Brazil travel blog

Xmas in November?

A travel blog entry by athena

Went to my Aunt TÍtÍ's house from Friday to Monday. I had a suitcase that was full of gifts just for them. We all gathered in the living room on Friday night and I seriously felt like Santa. Everyone simply loved their gifts...I managed to get ...