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Morning walk / Caminhada de hoje, Amparo, Brazil travel blog

Morning walk / Caminhada de hoje

A travel blog entry by oreydc


Our last morning walk of 2014 began bay taking the rental car back to Localiza over by the BR Posto. Managed to snag a double fusca foto for the good people in Singapore. We then walked down the marginal to the door at 253 Rua Quintino Bocai˙va that I ...

Por de Sol / Sunset, Amparo, Brazil travel blog

Por de Sol / Sunset

A travel blog entry by oreydc


Sitting out on the front porch after seeing "O Hobbit" this afternoon. And suddenly the sky turned pink... it was over in just a few minutes... Tonight we are all going to a big "baile"... since we are taking the  mighty Fiat and picking Tata and ...

Sunset / Por de Sol, Amparo, Brazil travel blog

Sunset / Por de Sol

A travel blog entry by oreydc


A lovely sunset from the Rosal here in Amparo... the ice cream guy came by, we bought a bunch of  ice cream, and I noticed the  sunset... back I went for the camera and wow! A good show tonight! Life is good! ...

More house news..., Amparo, Brazil travel blog

More house news...

A travel blog entry by oreydc


Before our morning walk this morning (where we ran into a some hippos), Milton was busy preparing a small pig to be roasted (I stay out of that!) and the nice lady at the Bank of Brasil in OP called and wanted us to come sign the papers before noon... It ...