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Le Petit Prince, Okavongo Delta, Botswana travel blog

Le Petit Prince

A travel blog entry by arewethere.yet

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...   I was even able to locate the fox, my favourite character.        A particular trip in Botswana in the Okavongo Delta, "Le Petit Prince" re-surfaced when we boarded the very small plane that would fly us over the ...

House of Hope, Palapye, Botswana travel blog

House of Hope

A travel blog entry by darkstar

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... walks to work, an hour each way. With three kids at home and one in university, her monthly wage is not nearly enough. Next year Botswana is introducing school fees, so Alice will have to find the money to pay the bill on top of what she already pays for ...

Driving with Rhinos, Serowe, Botswana travel blog

Driving with Rhinos

A travel blog entry by darkstar

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... reins again than the Khama Rhino Sanctuary an hour outside Palapye. When I heard that the place existed--one of the only areas in Botswana where you can see rhino--I put it high on my wish list. And when Catherine heard that I didn't drive she put ...

The first field trip, Serowe, Botswana travel blog

The first field trip

A travel blog entry by hess

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... completely foiled by the first sign of resistance, therefore making gathering data particularly difficult. Serowe itself is not particularly interesting but has a part in Botswana's history, as it is the family seat of the first president of Botswana ...