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Mowana Safari Lodge Kasane

Mowana Safari Lodge Kasane

4.00 156 reviews

Chobe River, Kasane, Botswana

Chobe Safari Lodge Kasane

Chobe Safari Lodge Kasane

4.00 457 reviews

Border of Chobe National Park , Kasane, Botswana

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Gameless Game Drive in Chobe!, Kasane, Botswana travel blog

Gameless Game Drive in Chobe!

A travel blog entry by jonclark2000

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... , with the addition of a pre-scrub, also existed for the washing up the pots and pans. Now on to the important stuff. Tried 2 Botswana beers that evening. Lt. Louis and Hansa. What a load of crap. No offense to Bud drinkers, but this stuff really did ...

Zambia via Botswana, Livingston, Zambia travel blog

Zambia via Botswana

A travel blog entry by cpricci

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... We were shooting for Livingston, Zambia, but we were not allowed to drive into Zambia according to our rental agreement. The Namibia-Botswana border was no problem, though we did have to press all of our shoes on a mat soaked in biocide. The Botswanan ...

Bovu Island and Mr. John, Bovu Island, Zambia travel blog

Bovu Island and Mr. John

A travel blog entry by cpricci

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I woke this morning to find myself in paradise. It felt like I was near the ocean, because the ground was sand and I knew I was on an island. But, no, just on the Zambezi River. We were to go back to mainland Zambia for a few hours of plant walking ...

Victoria Falls and to the Middle of the River, Livingston, Zambia travel blog

Victoria Falls and to the Middle of the River

A travel blog entry by cpricci

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Today I woke feeling 100%. I continued with the meds that obviously helped. The plan for the day was to head to Victoria Falls. We hired a dready cab driver and got to the Falls around 9. It was $10 to enter the park to see the Falls. At first site ...