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A harrowing day, Uyuni to Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

A harrowing day

A travel blog entry by emanddave

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... the world. Watching CNN though there were reports of a train crash that killed 5 in Egypt but no mention of any deaths in Bolivia. Makes you think. We have all talked about it a lot and Dave and I emailed and called our families today to remind them ...

Dinosaurs, Flamingos and a Load O

Dinosaurs, Flamingos and a Load O' Salt

A travel blog entry by allisonandjeff

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Once the strikers allowed Bolivia's highways to reopen, we took an overnight bus from La Paz to Bolivia's second capital - Sucre. Sucre is a pretty colonial city at a lower altitude than La Paz, and thus has a little more enjoyable climate. We spent a day ...

Boliviens Reichtuemer oder auch nicht., Qujarro-Santa Cruz-Sucre-Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

Boliviens Reichtuemer oder auch nicht.

A travel blog entry by smellymelly100

... in Bolivien sind ganz und gar nicht fuer diese Kaelte ausgestattet, an Heizung nicht zu denken. Die Busfahrt weiter suedlich nach Uyuni war aetzend. es ruppelte und rumpelte im Bus, die Strassen schlaengelten sich um und ueber die Berge und der staub ...

Breathtaking Bolivia, Uyuni, Potosi, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Breathtaking Bolivia

A travel blog entry by rofo


... more breathable air we caught the second fastest taxi ever averaging 110 klms an hour over some of the 8% of paved roads in Bolivia to Sucre where en route we managed to get a flat tyre. Sucre which is another UNESCO world heritage sight (Potosi as ...