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Uphill slog in Samaipata, Samaipata, Bolivia travel blog

Uphill slog in Samaipata

A travel blog entry by idarich

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... ! So we decided to go with plan B - hiring bikes and cycling to the nearby Pre-Inca archeological site called El Fuerte. Samaipata town itself is a pleasant little place, surrounded by green hills and with a pretty town square. Itīs located at an ...

El Fuerte, The Strength., Samaipata, Bolivia travel blog

El Fuerte, The Strength.

A travel blog entry by irax

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... without too much more trouble now that we were proīs against these guys. Despite the main Carnival finishing a week earlier, Samaipata has another mini-carnival one week later, just exactly where we were. We were trying to decide whether we should ...

Samaipata, Samaipata, Bolivia travel blog


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We spent a few days in the small village of Samaipata. Other than wandering around relaxing we visited El Fuerte, which are mostly unexcavated Inca ruins. However, the bits you can see are impressive, mainly the ceremonial area, where grooves in the rock ...

Mysterious signs in rock, Samaipata, Bolivia travel blog

Mysterious signs in rock

A travel blog entry by mlc


... ruins throughout Mexico were nothing of the sort). El Fuerte The site is the top of a sandstone hill. The hills around Samaipata are attractive mounds of sandstone thinly covered with grass and trees. El Fuerte however has a hump of sandstone exposed ...

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El Fuerte de Samaipata

El Fuerte de Samaipata


Samaipata, Bolivia

The archaeological site contains walls from ancient Inca dwellings.