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A travel blog entry by bugs1983

. ...

6000m twofer (Sajama 6,542m, Parinacota 6,342m), Sajama, Bolivia travel blog

6000m twofer (Sajama 6,542m, Parinacota 6,342m)

A travel blog entry by hobos


... tell us that the weather near La Paz might not be the best for the upcoming week so we head for the sure weather bet, Sajama, ¨Bolivia's high point at 6,542m. August 10: After locating fuel for our stove (which wasn't easy), we take the bus to ...

Out there, Sajama, Bolivia travel blog

Out there

A travel blog entry by doovy


... The plane is dotted with a number of volcanoes that roughly form the border with Chile. Included amongst these is Nevada Sajama, Bolivia's highest peak at 6,542 m. Sajama for some reason seemed a little different than the rest of the Bolivian ...

Entre la pampa et les volcans enneigés, Sajama National Park, Bolivia travel blog

Entre la pampa et les volcans enneigés

A travel blog entry by nanoufanette


... chaque habitant acceuille régulierement des touristes. On est allées se balader au dessus du village, pour s´approcher un peu du majestueux Sajama. Le soir, Margarita (notre hôte) nous a cuisiné de l´alpaca (mmmmh, c´est pas bon !!), puis on s´est ...