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A travel blog entry by mikeandger


We awoke early on Sunday April 29, 2007 and took our time making breakfast, eating breakfast and washing the dishes before we both sat down to relax until 9:00am when we were going to have our showers and get dressed for church. Geraldine went to the ...

Army Worms, Weeviles, Fungus..oh my!, Georgeville, Belize travel blog

Army Worms, Weeviles, Fungus..oh my!

A travel blog entry by gfbelize


... English...the rest know as much English as I know Spanish. Fortunately, Franks son, Robert lives on the property, born in Belize, he learnt both languages. Robert owns the nursery that is on the property. He spends some of his time loading corn ...

What Next!!!, Georgeville, Belize travel blog

What Next!!!

A travel blog entry by gfbelize

Deja, Deja, Deja Vu...believe it and it will come true! How can you go wrong starting a blog with lyrics from a Jimmy Buffett song.   Like I eluded to in my previous post, one thing was missing from the Belizean Farming ...

A little of this and a little of that!, Georgeville, Belize travel blog

A little of this and a little of that!

A travel blog entry by gfbelize


... is back, we can start planting. Now we are going to leave the farm for a bit..and look at what's going on around Belize.  The Prime Minister declared that elections would be held on Nov. 4th.. With only a few weeks to campaign, both parties took to ...