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Home, sweet home, Temse, Belgium travel blog

Home, sweet home

A travel blog entry by lambart

Temse, 10:20 am. Na een vlekkeloze vlucht, veilig geland in Brussel om 8u10 deze morgend. We zijn natuurlijk moe want voor ons is het nu nacht. Karlien en Fiene liggen al in hun bed. Ik probeer op te blijven om de jetlag zo snel mogelijk te kunnen ...

IP: presentation about Thailand, Temse, Belgium travel blog

IP: presentation about Thailand

A travel blog entry by loesdeparade


I HAVE FOUND A SCHOOL THAT IS WILLING TO COOPERATE WITH ME TO ACHIEVE MY INNOVATIVE PROJECT! The winner is ... De zonnebloem, an international primary school in Antwerp, where they teach English. I'M THRILLED! Here's my presentation that I'm going to use ...

???, Temse, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by loesdeparade


Why do we have to go? She speaks (sings) just fine! Note: They do have television, dad! ...


It's getting closer.

A travel blog entry by loesdeparade


สวัสดี /swasdi/ is Thai for hello. I'll be going to Thailand with three other people: Tine, Pieter and Shelly. We'll be working as volunteers for a non-profit organisation Fund Isaan. Our main job we'll be teaching ...