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Surf and Surf, Oistins, Barbados travel blog

Surf and Surf

A travel blog entry by dyer0930


... a 22-year-old blonde surfer boy who has a Barbadian father, a Swiss mother, and spent half of his formative years in each of Barbados and England. We piled into the van and headed down to the rocky, reefy beach at the Garrison.  Travis got a primer ...

The Manchineel Tree, Oistins, Caribbean travel blog

The Manchineel Tree

A travel blog entry by firestation22


The hell with poisonous snakes, or spiders, or a bad sunburn.....keep away from the Manchineel Tree! I met Pablo, an Argentinian, at the airport. He was assembling his bike and gearing up for a ride around the island. He thought he could ride his bicycle ...

Brabados Country Club, Oistins, Caribbean travel blog

Brabados Country Club

A travel blog entry by firestation22


Still have it in me. Shot a 93.  #16 ALMOST became HIO #2. 148 yds w/ a 7 iron.  It was so close. Hit the green, one bounce, hit the flag and dropped. 8" tap in ...

Fly Time, Oistins, Caribbean travel blog

Fly Time

A travel blog entry by firestation22


A lively day at the airport as Trinidad beats up Barbados in Cricket. Traveling in the Caribbean teaches you patience. Liat Airlines uses a schedule for reference only. They pretty much depart when its convenient for them. I have seen them leave 30 ...