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India into Bangladesh, Saidpur, Bangladesh travel blog

India into Bangladesh

A travel blog entry by tsargood

... in Bangladesh is very extensive and organized and we passed by fields producing tobacco, rice, wheat, mangoes, bananas, corn, etc. Bangladesh has a population of over 150 million. Geographically it is 7 times smaller than Australia, but has 57 times the ...

This work is wicked contd..., Rangpur, Bangladesh travel blog

This work is wicked contd...

A travel blog entry by andreharriman


Right where was I... oh yeah... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRNNNNNN TO BE WWWWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLDD. Driving around on these motorcycles is so much fun. Flying along the road, wind in your hair, staring out at the endless green landscape with ...

Hitting the field, Rangpur, Bangladesh travel blog

Hitting the field

A travel blog entry by andreharriman


... , but still had time to read about the man-eating tigers of the sundarbans (The worlds largest mangrove swamp in south bangladesh) and the men who try to avoid them while collecting honey. Apparently wearing a big metal helmet is really effective at ...

Last day of field, Rangpur, Bangladesh travel blog

Last day of field

A travel blog entry by andreharriman


Today we headed out extra early to see a meeting of a very new brac program of lending to farmers. Its aimed at stopping a seasonal practice of borrowing between farmers and the richer members of the community. It also provide training for farmers to ...