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Character, St. Martin


A travel blog entry by will

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... English at a little more length. Upon arrival I was astounded at the beauty of St Martin's Island, the only coral island in Bangladesh. The entire island seemed to be surrounded by a huge beach, and the interior was covered in palms. However one of the ...

Longest beach in the world!!, Cox

Longest beach in the world!!

A travel blog entry by lucinate

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... the early morning bus down to Cox's Bazaar, supposedly the longest beach in the world and THE most popular beach resort in Bangladesh. That's what people kept telling us anyway. The bus driver was a hoon and had us bouncing around the back of the bus ...

Bangers Beach Life, Cox

Bangers Beach Life

A travel blog entry by uncle_davros

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As we has seen all the sites in Chitters, we decided to take Andrew for a quick visit to Cox's Bazaar. It was meant to have a beach, but according to the LP, Lucy would be unable to wear her bikini, so it seemed like the place to be. What started out ...

surfing Bangladesh, Cox Bazar, Bangladesh travel blog

surfing Bangladesh

A travel blog entry by tristan_g


... ocean for a 'fish out of water’, like myself, was incredibly rejuvenating. Some will never understand that sensation. Bangladesh sits sandwiched between Myanmar (Burma) and India, at the furthest northern reach of the Bay of Bengal. This ...