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A travel blog entry by lucinate

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... that was a chrisian. They were quite sweet and on exiting my room one of the girls asked for my autograph!! Bizarre. That's Chittagong. Didn't see that much of it unfortunately. They do have a cool market to wander round that goes and goes and goes ...

Character, St. Martin


A travel blog entry by will

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... English at a little more length. Upon arrival I was astounded at the beauty of St Martin's Island, the only coral island in Bangladesh. The entire island seemed to be surrounded by a huge beach, and the interior was covered in palms. However one of the ...

Beach life Bangladeshi style, Cox

Beach life Bangladeshi style

A travel blog entry by will

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... the area for making a small donation. It seemed Burmese hospitality wasn't confined to Burma! Once I stepped back into the maelstrom of Bangladesh I began the 25 minute walk back to my hotel. A young guy spotted me and started talking to me in Bangla, ...

How to kill one

How to kill one's appetite

A travel blog entry by will

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... cafe I met Abu who took me to his Awami Students league office. Awami are one of the major political parties in Bangladesh, although currently the BNP holds power. The walls of this office were absolutely covered in political posters and Abu did his ...