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There are many kinds of information, Reyenda, Bangladesh travel blog

There are many kinds of information

A travel blog entry by hancocjb

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... about thirty minutes of being on site I lost my footing and went full stop into a Bangladitch. Bear in mind that ditches in Bangladesh serve as a form of waste disposal, human waste included. As I fell, my last wish was that I would not go in above my ...

Three weeks in Reyenda, Rayenda, Bangladesh travel blog

Three weeks in Reyenda

A travel blog entry by hancocjb

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... part of Bangladesh that is so unreasonably off the map, I still don't even know where Reyenda is on a map of Bangladesh. Our ensuing trip involved the following steps: Small Boat Bus Walk Mini Taxi Cycle Rickshaw Boat Car Boat Cycle Rickshaw ...


Martyr's Day

A travel blog entry by will

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... . It was a good opportunity to learn a little about their way of life. I once read that it was impossible to travel to Bangladesh and not interact with the locals, which was one of the reasons why I wanted to travel there. Unfortunately time wasn't on ...

Green lightning, Around the Sundurbans to Cox

Green lightning

A travel blog entry by williebobs


... of rubbish were measures of development within a country, then you would hardly believe India to be more advanced than Bangladesh: whilst the level of fermenting rubbish everywhere in the former is indescribable to anyone who has never been there, the ...