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a connecting flight to Bahrain, Bahrain, Bahrain travel blog

a connecting flight to Bahrain

A travel blog entry by exploreamerica

This is a top pick!

connecting flight to Bahrain before connecting to Cairo, ...

Airport pit stop only, Bahrain, Bahrain travel blog

Airport pit stop only

A travel blog entry by jeffsadventures

This is a top pick!

I didn't see anything besides the inside of the airport but I couldn't resist putting the map pin on the ...

Monthly Wrap Up, Manama, Dubai, Bahrain travel blog

Monthly Wrap Up

A travel blog entry by midtowntsl0

Wow, so I just spent a good 2 hours piecing together my Bahrain trip, only for it to all get erased. So instead of immediately retyping that incredibly long entry, I'll just save it for later and do this one dedicated to what I've learned in my first ...

Bahrain by car., Manama, Bahrain travel blog

Bahrain by car.

A travel blog entry by kevinwanders


... "carpenter". Well, duh. I think I'm just spoiled by the wonderful reveal of the Dubai museum. So that completes my time in Bahrain; a small country that's nice enough, I guess, but not a real metropolis like Dubai. It's trying hard, and there's plenty ...