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Palace tours in Vienna and Vivaldi

Palace tours in Vienna and Vivaldi's Four Seasons

A travel blog entry by lisa0904


... entry on my flight home - I am also happy to know I can relive this trip through the pages of this blog. Thanks for joining me for parts or all of this trip - it has been a dream and a dance through Italy and Vienna that I will remember for a ...

Walking Tour of Vienna and

Walking Tour of Vienna and 'Little Fishes'

A travel blog entry by lisa0904


... a 90-minute walking tour. It took us the REST OF THE DAY. We kept getting sidetracked and wanting to experience little bits of Vienna's culture. One of my favorite bits is that it's encouraged for you to stop in the afternoon for a melange and a little ...

Ueberraschungsbesuch in Wien... :-), Wien, Austria travel blog

Ueberraschungsbesuch in Wien... :-)

A travel blog entry by thekurk

Flug Stansted - Wien mit Air Berlin Ankunft dort und gleich Lotte erkannt. Dann sitzen wir und warten, dass Hans-MArtin auch kommt. Wir zu zweit sind die Ueberraschung. Sitzen da, trinken Kaffee und planen und hecken die Ueberraschung nochmal im ...

Going to Vienna, Wien, Austria travel blog

Going to Vienna

A travel blog entry by patelfamily


This morning we caught a train all the way to Vienna. I had a redbull because Salzburg is the home of the headquarters of redbull. We arrived and enjoyed the warm welcome into our new room. The activity of the day turned out to be admiring the royal ...