Seefeld, Austria

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WellnessHotel Schoenruh Seefeld

WellnessHotel Schoenruh Seefeld

4.50 143 reviews

Reithspitzstrasse 356, Seefeld, Austria

Ferienhotel Kaltschmid Seefeld

Ferienhotel Kaltschmid Seefeld

4.00 231 reviews

Olympiastrasse 101, Seefeld, Austria

Hotel Klosterbrau Seefeld

Hotel Klosterbrau Seefeld

4.50 258 reviews

Klosterstrasse 30, Seefeld, Austria

Aktiv & Spa-Resort Alpenpark Seefeld

Aktiv & Spa-Resort Alpenpark Seefeld

4.50 233 reviews

Speckbacher Str. 182 , Seefeld, Austria

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lycra, granola....cross-country skiing explosion!, Seefeld (Mosern), Austria travel blog

lycra, granola....cross-country skiing explosion!

A travel blog entry by mhaebich

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... weekend of the year with no accomodation booked.... the lady at the tourist office was extremely efficient (a recurring theme in Austria) and we were sorted with a great little apartment in a nieghbouring village; Mosern. Great views from the ...

POLICE, TEACHERS, AND THE VATICAN, Puysdorf, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by modernoddyseus

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... tired and very honest priest. The administrative aspects of his job had him exhausted with Easter coming up. He revealed that, in Austria, if a Catholic doesn't contribute to his church, he can be taken to court. Once a baby is baptised, the church ...

Part 8 - Czech Rep, Austria, Budapest and the Alps, Seefeld, Austria travel blog

Part 8 - Czech Rep, Austria, Budapest and the Alps

A travel blog entry by gemway


... We made some phone calls this afternoon and caught up with our friends (Tara you were not answering your mobile!!) then headed off to Austria. However, we got sidetracked and stopped at a camping spot on a lake and jumped in to cool off and then tried to ...

The Hills are Alive with 3 Countries Today, Seefeld, Austria travel blog

The Hills are Alive with 3 Countries Today

A travel blog entry by disciple26

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... to Austria, views made famous by "The Sound of Music". After another stint of about an hour, we arrived in Seefeld, Tyrol, Austria, just up the mountain from the Tyrolean capital of Innsbruck. Another quaint town, with an Olympic history, hosting Olympic ...