Eisenstadt, Austria

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Burgenland Eisenstadt

Burgenland Eisenstadt

3.50 34 reviews

Franz Schubertplatz 1, Eisenstadt, Austria

Hotel Vicedom Eisenstadt

Hotel Vicedom Eisenstadt

4.50 27 reviews

Vicedom 5, Eisenstadt, Austria

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Made to Eisenstadt , Austria today, Eisenstadt, Austria travel blog

Made to Eisenstadt , Austria today

A travel blog entry by bskray


Made it to meeting in Edinstradt. It is on a hill, and it is hot, and I about died. Great ride through countryside, big fields of sunflowers along the road. Will put pictures later. After it cooled off and the meetings were over we had a Couchsurfing ...

Pool day, I have a pretty good sunburn..., Eisenstadt, Austria travel blog

Pool day, I have a pretty good sunburn...

A travel blog entry by bskray


... . They bring out a water pipe, light it up and people start smoking. After a while I ask Vince "what are the laws in Austria for that", he laughs, "that is not marijuana- it is tobacco, orange flavor" "you're kidding" "no, we have restaurants that ...

Eisenstadt Checkpoint 1, Eisenstadt, Austria travel blog

Eisenstadt Checkpoint 1

A travel blog entry by stoni


... erste Checkpoint erreicht und die Spitzengruppen läuft locker schnell wie ein Uhrwerk. Das Tempo wurde sogar verschärft!! Eisenstadt 57km Ges. StartNr. Zeit Zeit/km Zeit/km 2 Wagner Josef 04:53 04:48 05:08 6 Peel ...

Meet Georg, Bertl and Ronni, Eisenstadt, Austria travel blog

Meet Georg, Bertl and Ronni

A travel blog entry by infiniteroad


14.5.2013    Eisenstadt (A)           Km: 63230          Meet Georg, Bertl and Ronni / Treffe Georg, Bertl und Ronni Have an appointment with George ...

Attractions in Eisenstadt

Eisenstadt Attractions (2)
Esterhazy Palace (Schloss Esterhazy)

Esterhazy Palace (Schloss Esterhazy)


Eisenstadt, Burgenland, Austria

Joseph Haydn Museum

Joseph Haydn Museum


Joseph Haydn Gasse 19 - 21, Eisenstadt, Burgenland, Austria