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Still not ready..., Hobart, Australia travel blog

Still not ready...

A travel blog entry by budz888

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I've only myself to blame... but it's 4:21 in the morning and I'm still packing, organising my blog, copying bits of language books to take with me, making maps for my gps.  I'll certainly sleep like a log on the plane.  I'd better sit next to ...

Stanley, Stanley, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by kimandrob

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Today a mere 480 kms, just three cans of Diet Coke, some awe-inspiring driving and exemplary map reading (we drove the entire journey on one road.) We are almost all of the way to our Mecca, Broome. We find a brilliant place for lunch (and to have a ...

Oaklands Lodge mini reunion, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia travel blog

Oaklands Lodge mini reunion

A travel blog entry by jawad

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... of this journey we stopped off at Kate's Berry Farm, just 3km south of Swansea, for the best ice-cream I've had in Australia. Kate grows her own berries at this picturesque location on Oyster Bay, and I recommend just visiting the place to take in the ...

Hobart, Hobart, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by budz888

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As usual I left the packing to too late. Perhaps I should have just stayed up when I woke up on the couch at three in the morning. Things weren't helped by me almost bricking my new phone by installing some software meant for a different machine. One ...