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My life in the Middle of Nowhere, Sandstone, Australia travel blog

My life in the Middle of Nowhere

A travel blog entry by decemberchick


So, it has now been nearly a month since I've been in Sandstone. What dramas I tell you! Marg left a week after I arrived, not to return. That week I worked all day every day, until we came to a system where Donna would cover me for a few hours in the ...

Preparation., Sandstone, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by decemberchick

So, on my last day in the city before heading into the great unknown, unfortuately I can't really enjoy myself! Too much to do. I went to the salon to get my hair coloured.. finally, full on blonde which i have been wanting to try for so long. Of ...

calm in the storm!, Sandstone, Australia travel blog

calm in the storm!

A travel blog entry by decemberchick

Less than two weeks now haha. Shit really hit the fan on Friday, turns out Pete forgot the send the booze order to the RIGHT people, and we got nothing. So we got up early to drive to Mt Magnet, to stock up on the essentials that we were out of. (I ...

It begins!, Sandstone, Australia travel blog

It begins!

A travel blog entry by decemberchick

After a long day on the bus, complete with panic that I might be late since we had to detour due to an old hotel burning down in Perth (arson), I actually arrived early to the rendevous point of Mt. Magnet. I had been standing with my luggage for about a ...