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The Gorilla Cavalry, Perth, Australia travel blog

The Gorilla Cavalry

A travel blog entry by gunslinger22

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... awaited my new package...I assumed by this point it was either a speargun or a rifle or something like a tank for the domination of Australia. A girl that works at the hostel came up to me and said "hey Jordan we have a surprise for Hanna outside for her ...

Living the Aussie weekend life, Perth, Australia travel blog

Living the Aussie weekend life

A travel blog entry by rolandandlizzie

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... in Malaysia in which we gradually became very fond of the place (a slow burner), it was now back to what we knew more about in Perth, Australia. As we mentioned previously, oddly due to our return to the UK in mid-June we ran out of time (and some steam) ...

Done in Busso, Perth, Australia travel blog

Done in Busso

A travel blog entry by wanderlustcat

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... north to follow the sunshine up the edge of the Western Australian coast. Road trip! Today we left Busso and drove up to Perth. The road trip is in a car belonging to an Australian girl named Donna who came into Busselton two weeks ago and was working at ...

Birthdays, Goodbyes, Packing Up, Perth, Australia travel blog

Birthdays, Goodbyes, Packing Up

A travel blog entry by wanderlustcat

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... the two of us going to see Canadian musician and mathematics phD Caribou (previously known as "Manitoba") perform at a little bar in downtown Perth. It was a good show. In the morning Campbell had to head off to drive back to work (lots of driving on his ...