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Orbost Motel

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3 - 5 Irvines Rd, Orbost, Australia

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A sprinkle more of the camervan adventure!, Eden - Wonbyn - Gippsylands - Mallacoora - Marlo - Orbost, Australia travel blog

A sprinkle more of the camervan adventure!

A travel blog entry by halfeatenapple

So, the next day we woke up in.............. well in no sweat actually, which was a weird sensation but a rather welcomed one! Hooray! We had our brekkie by the sea and then we were off like a yoyo on string for another day of adventures! We decided to ...

Starting to Get Cold Now..., Orbost, Australia travel blog

Starting to Get Cold Now...

A travel blog entry by muzzarox


... for a lovely walk around the headland – weather was sunny and beautiful but we could see the black clouds and rain over Orbost!  Worked our way home and arrived just before the huge downpour.  Spent the rest of the afternoon in as too wet ...

Bairnsdale to Oborst, Orbost, Australia travel blog

Bairnsdale to Oborst

A travel blog entry by lorievans


Today was good. Uneventful, bike trail the whole 100k, a bit rough in patches but I'm pleased with how well my 13 year old Trek and Gatorskin tires held up. I took 2 spills within an hour from loose gravel but no serious injuries. The weather is ...

Penguins at Phillips Island and camping, Phillips Island, Australia travel blog

Penguins at Phillips Island and camping

A travel blog entry by mcdonkeyburgers


Filo de putta! As taught by our Brazilian roommates! It's been a while since we last updated but it's because we are having so much darn fun! I believe when we last left you we were on our way to Phillips Island. We have had some fun so sit back ...