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Meeting Royalty, Hutt River Province, Australia travel blog

Meeting Royalty

A travel blog entry by mitz24

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... . The principality was founded in 1970 by Prince Leonard and his misses Princess Shirley when he chose to secede from Australia . The country is near Northampton but it proves difficult to find on maps and even google maps as its not really recognised in ...

I see dead nun

I see dead nun's

A travel blog entry by mitz24

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Today was the day for the long ride down the coast to the town of Northampton. After having said our goodbyes to those not returning to Perth we got on the bus quit early in the morning as there were over 500km's to drive before stopping for the ...

Princess Meets The Prince, Hutt River, Australia travel blog

Princess Meets The Prince

A travel blog entry by tdv95

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...  he felt it allowed his family to secede and declare their independence from the Commonwealth of Australia (under International Law). After prime minister threatened him with prosecution, Casley styled himself His Majesty Prince Leonard I ...

Day 212, Northampton, Australia travel blog

Day 212

A travel blog entry by poolman99

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... , Keri from Sydney, and I quickly into their clique.   Our overnight stop was in a very small town called Northampton. We stayed in a converted convent with adjoining church. The place had tales of one-legged ghosts but he proved elusive. The ...