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Time to travel again, Northam, Australia travel blog

Time to travel again

A travel blog entry by shanewilson

This is a top pick!

... it's 30000 points to fly Melbourne to Hong Kong... 60000 if business class).  Either this or Central/South America... or east coast of Australia.  The options are endless! Write later.  Merry Christmas to all my readers and happy ...

Update and Return to SE Asia, Northam, Australia travel blog

Update and Return to SE Asia

A travel blog entry by shanewilson

This is a top pick!

... make me ache for more!  I will return!  I can re-live it through Pablo. The year is progressing well... have moved to Northam which is one hour away from Perth.  It's great being able to drive to Perth on the weekends whilst I work as a ...

Off to the Koppi, Northam, South Africa travel blog

Off to the Koppi

A travel blog entry by off_road_clara

This is a top pick!

It's ten pm and we're driving real slow. We are going to the festival, him and I. It's through the mountains and a wind away from the city. The moon is big and bright and Orion is parading high - the dipper can be seen (although never admitted by a ...

Big Things #18, Meckering, Australia travel blog

Big Things #18

A travel blog entry by travelnshit


The Big Camera in Meckering, WA, is the shell for a camera museum. It's located on the Great Eastern Highway, the road between Perth and Kalgoorlie which is ironic as there's fuck all to photograph on this road apart from and earthquake site which is ...