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Coffee coffee coffee..., Newrybar, Australia travel blog

Coffee coffee coffee...

A travel blog entry by splashy

The coffee experience was not a fun one.  Lets just say the hosts did not have the true spirit of wwoofing in them, and really just wanted cheap labour. I did get to have a look about Byron Bay while in the area for a week, and really loved it. ...

farm life, Newrybar, Australia travel blog

farm life

A travel blog entry by germangirl


hey guys, so i've been living and working on this farm for a couple days now. well life is really not that much different. this is actually not a "real" farm, like you probably thinking of. well btoh of them work in an office in the city near by. they ...

summer party, Newrybar, Australia travel blog

summer party

A travel blog entry by germangirl


hey guys, big news! I drove the car yesterday. For the first time on the wrong side of the road. it was weird, but not as strange as I thought it would be. I did ok, just almost hit the gate, almost! and I got my first sunburn. then they had a ...