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A travel blog entry by madv


was going to stay at mildura a 2nd night but the weather was changing for the worst maybe freezing cold & hail was predicted & we're back here in a month so we left. bought some fuel & fruit and headed for sydney see how far we get;  the ...

A truly beautiful spot, Narrandera, Australia travel blog

A truly beautiful spot

A travel blog entry by dentons


Once again, we got off the highway and weaved our way down to Leeton then Narrandera, through the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area in the heart of the Riverina. It is amazing what one can grown with an abundance of water... We stayed at the Lake Talbot ...

BlazeAid Narrandera, Narrandera, Australia travel blog

BlazeAid Narrandera

A travel blog entry by danielsdomain


After leaving Wagga Wagga, we called into Narrandera for a few days, had a 2 day break, we then offered to volunteer with BlazeAid for a few days, once again, a great group of people ...

Day 1: Narandera, Narrandera, Australia travel blog

Day 1: Narandera

A travel blog entry by jayden1234


It's the first day of our huge trip! Firstly,we had to go to Owens house to drop something off (I don't know what). But then we had to go pick up big horse for Tommy. Then we had to go get some petrol. Then we went to pick up The Nest (our camper van). ...