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Railway Terrace South, Marree, Australia

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Smack in the middle of (pause) nowhere, William Creek, Australia travel blog

Smack in the middle of (pause) nowhere

A travel blog entry by orizarska

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So we've been on the bus for 2-3 days. Tones of fun, lot's of dust... *** WORLD CHANGE STARTS WITH EDUCATED CHILDREN! Give a girl the life long gift of education! Support my appeal 100 GIRLS BACK TO SCHOOL! Donate at: ...

Shaken ... and stirred......, Simpson Desert and Alice Springs, Australia travel blog

Shaken ... and stirred......

A travel blog entry by grahamandrach

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... attempt them and learning about tyre pressures. We finally made it to Poepples Corner which is the point where Queensland, South Australia & Northern Territory meet, although they didn't have GPS' when it was marked and G spent some time finding the ...

Flight into the middle of nowhere, Lake Eyre, Australia travel blog

Flight into the middle of nowhere

A travel blog entry by wickens

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... This station would be hell on earth for me, with no means of escape without having to drive for hours on end. Interestingly, the Marree station is where Donald Campbell and his team were based when he used the dry Lake Eyre as the location for his world ...

Spurlos, Marree, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by nixwieweg


... ungeteerte Straße zurück legen. Darum konnten wir uns leider nicht drücken... Bereits nach den ersten Metern, nachdem wir Marree verlassen hatten, fing unser Skippy an zu rutschen. Wir drehten uns fast einmal um uns selbst und schlitterten die Straße ...