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Sun , Sun , Beach , Sun , Beach..., Whitsundays, Australia travel blog

Sun , Sun , Beach , Sun , Beach...

A travel blog entry by anatkramer

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From 1770 , to Great Keppel Island and over to Airlie Beach. Airlie Beach is yet another typical beach town with one exception. On account of you can't go into the water because of sting rays , there is a giant lagoon in the center of the city. The ...

Platypussy, Marlborough, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by andrewanderica

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... platypus has enough venom to kill a dog!! I know I'm boring), we got chatting to an Aussie couple from the Winnabago next to us and were joined by the Marlborough's Italian sheep Dog, who looked, well like a sheep. An early night but a great great day. ...

The Town of 1770, 1770, Australia travel blog

The Town of 1770

A travel blog entry by carolandthomas

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We were kicked out of our hostel in Airlie Beach this morning which left us an entire day and evening to wander without purpose around town before catching our all night bus down to 1770 at 11.30pm. We decide to go and play in a bead shop where we get ...

Relaxing on Magnetic Island, QLD, Australia travel blog

Relaxing on Magnetic Island

A travel blog entry by jackandandrew

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G'day everyone and welcome once again! Well, after all our fun on Fraser Island and Whitsundays, we definately desrved a few days relaxing on Magnetic Island which is a short ferry ride away. There isnt that much to the island to be honest, so we just ...