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crazy frogs and golf, Carins, Australia travel blog

crazy frogs and golf

A travel blog entry by roseyben

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Ben and Lee (one of our house mates) went to play golf the other day so here's a few pics. I won't tell you how many shots it took them lets just saw they were there quite a while!! Lee got attacked by a bird - one with wings that is and Ben managed ...

Hot air Balloning and Produce Capital, Mareeba, Australia travel blog

Hot air Balloning and Produce Capital

A travel blog entry by rossandsue

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... hour drinks, dinner and a chat before retiring for the night. Saturday 20th July. At 9.30 am we headed off to Skybury Coffee, Australia's oldest coffee plantation. We booked on the 10.30 am tour and the price of the tour included as many coffee's as you ...

A Year In Australia, Mareeba, Australia travel blog

A Year In Australia

A travel blog entry by piholland

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... Cooktown so was only a cat three before it went back out to sea. We had again met people who had made our trip around Australia memorable and treated us like long lost family, we again left with more friends, I really don't want it too sound like a ...

what to do when it

what to do when it's raining in paradise...

A travel blog entry by bootsmade4wlkin

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... and had so many random experiences. They will always remain with me, popping up at random times to make me smile, thinking back. I leave Australia in less then a week now, and I'm ready to go on to the next phase of my adventure, but it's been ...

Attractions in Mareeba

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Jaques Coffee Plantation

Jaques Coffee Plantation


137 Leotta Road, Mareeba, Queensland, Australia

Ballooning with HOT AIR Cairns

Ballooning with HOT AIR Cairns


Kennedy Highway Route 1, Mareeba, Queensland, Australia

Experience the ballooning capital of Australia, when you see Ballooning with Hot Air Cairns. Its just like a balloon festival every day! Come flying & enjoy the wonder, romance & silence of the Australian bush as you see kangaroos & Australian wildlife from a very different perspective. Before lift off see the spectacle of a hot air balloon inflating, then gently float over gum trees. Departs daily; Cairns, Port Douglas, Palm Cove or self drive.

Skybury Coffee Plantation

Skybury Coffee Plantation


P.O. Box 1122, Mareeba, Queensland, Australia

Visitors can stroll through a section of the coffee plantation, see a coffee harvester close up, and enjoy the dry temperate climate in acres of native gardens. Birdlife abounds, and the Skybury team have included a generously-sized soft release pen where recovering native wildlife can be re-introduced to Bushland surroundings.