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Kakadu, Jabiru, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by scootergal

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... the sun didn't actually set - rather it just disappeared.   That night we camped in the Adventure Tours permanent campsite at Jabiru. The "tents" were shadecloth over steel frames with proper beds and real mattresses. For the next 2 weeks all our ...

Croc Land, Kakadu National Park, Australia travel blog

Croc Land

A travel blog entry by tdv95

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... are you from" if you lived in Humpty Doo? There were a number of other creative names like Mistake Billabong, Bark Hut, Jabiru, Bukbukluk, and so on that created a certain entertainment value to the long drive. The wetlands also gave us a chance to ...

Australia - Kakadu National Park, Kakadu, Australia travel blog

Australia - Kakadu National Park

A travel blog entry by gonetilwhenever

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... date back many thousands of years, to the original tribes that inhabited the area long before white settlers came to Australia. Some of the paintings are very basic and quite faded whereas others are immensely intricate and still vibrant due to ...

Kakadu....or don

Kakadu....or don't

A travel blog entry by wickens

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... aboriginal-owned territory for which you need a permit to enter.  Like many parts of the Northern Territory and Western Australia, Arnhem land is completely dry ie alcohol-free.  In fact, the whole alcohol/aboriginal issue is so difficult up ...