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Venturing West, Hughenden, Australia travel blog

Venturing West

A travel blog entry by alasdairm

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... and all food included. The thankfully comfortable bus was full with most falling asleep until the first stop at Millstream Waterfall, Australia's widest waterfall and guessing the last we would see for a while. Lunch was of the self-made sandwich ...

Super Baris, Hughenden, Australia travel blog

Super Baris

A travel blog entry by pidgeandpie

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We were well on our way for the short time that we had been on the road. We drove well into dusk the night before and had stayed overnight in a lay by as we would be on the road again as soon as dawn broke. Baris was running heaps better and even ...

Animal Magic, Hughenden, Australia travel blog

Animal Magic

A travel blog entry by clivencoly

I am going to tell you a little bit more about 'Star Downs';the station on which we are staying. Out here they are called stations or ranches, the nearest one to us is called Nottingham!!!! Didn't I tell you- can't escape the place!!!!!! Kim and Sally ...

General news update!, Star Downs, Hughenden, Australia travel blog

General news update!

A travel blog entry by clivencoly

Hello! Sorry that I have not spoken to you all for a while but we have been very busy. Let me tell you all the news first. I now have a lamb and a very heavily pregnant cow named after me, the lamb is called Colette and the beautiful chestnut coloured ...