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Is it a bird, is it a plane, no its....., Freemantle, Australia travel blog

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no its.....

A travel blog entry by roseyben

This is a top pick!

... some great sunset pics of some surfers though which I will put on here. So the next night we took the train down to Freemantle and walked to the end where the lighthouse is and it was spectacular. We got talking to this couple and there were a few ...

Going West...., Freemantle, Australia travel blog

Going West....

A travel blog entry by hils

This is a top pick!

... everyone had told me the West Coast is hot! This is probably just me once again bringing bad weather wherever I go! Ah well. I'm in Freemantle now just south of Perth. The hostel I'm staying in is okay, apart from the fact that my room is right above ...

Its a hard life, Freemantle, Australia travel blog

Its a hard life

A travel blog entry by -mike-


A computer! At last! Sorry about a certain lack of updating as due to previously mentioned house computer not being able to access Xp due to certain forgotten passwords it was shipped off and fixed, leaving my ability to update rather limited. But ...

Holiday to South West Australia, Freemantle, Australia travel blog

Holiday to South West Australia

A travel blog entry by c_s_m_luurtsema


... of South West Australia, which is an area we have never really explored on previous trips to Oz. We had booked an apartment in Freemantle for the first couple of nights and by the time we arrived in Perth after a 5 hour flight, it was late afternoon. We ...