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My new life in Fairlight, Fairlight , Australia travel blog

My new life in Fairlight

A travel blog entry by gbz-


... with a new arrival brings a new adventure. We have secured ourselves our own flat for 6 months in a peacfull part of Sydney called Fairlight. Theres really not much to this place its got a few shops and a tiny beach but its greatest perk is that its ...

Birdsville but briefly!, Fairlight, Australia travel blog

Birdsville but briefly!

A travel blog entry by kilbridesblog

Birdsville at last. Or so we thought. We drove from Windorah, where we managed to get a place in the council caravan park. Nice town. Haida couple of beers in the pub and. Hatted to some seasoned travelers. Tarmac road to Birsdville apart from the last ...

Still in Caloundra, Fairlight, Australia travel blog

Still in Caloundra

A travel blog entry by kilbridesblog

Yes, we are still up here. The caravan isn't ready and rather than driving home to Sydney, and then back to Caloundra to pick it up, and then home to pack up etc we decided to stay. It also gives us a chance to visit the factory and check on progress. We ...

We are on the Wallaby!, Fairlight, Australia travel blog

We are on the Wallaby!

A travel blog entry by kilbridesblog

Well, we are finally on our way. After spending days in Narrabeen Caravan Park, we have finally sorted everything out and are on our way. First stop was Orange. (just drove past Girilambone Country Storeby the way, yes doing this in the car.) Really ...