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Nov 28, 2011, Eucla, Australia travel blog

Nov 28, 2011

A travel blog entry by spanglehatsinoz


Cave dwellers and cave man day, Eucla, Australia travel blog

Cave dwellers and cave man day

A travel blog entry by mpeacock


Today is not what you would expect on the nullarbor. We stopped at Cocklebiddy over night and unhitched the van so we could explore. A drive of about 20km we came across two great caves. However, without abseiling gear we were stuck looking from above. ...

Nullarbor Plain= Fahren,fahren,fahren (13 -15.01), Eucla, Autralia travel blog

Nullarbor Plain= Fahren,fahren,fahren (13 -15.01)

A travel blog entry by melundfelix


Um Melbourne auch rechtzeitig zum Australien Day zu erreichen, mussten wir die Traumstrände von Esperance nach 4 sehr schönen Tagen wieder verlassen. Nachdem wir auf unseren zweiten Roadtrip durch sehr dicht besiedeltes Gebiet gefahren sind, ...

Nothing boring

Nothing boring 'bout the Nullarbor!

A travel blog entry by kyser


... three! Last night was our first attempt at bush camping, and we are one-quarter of the way to declaring our new Camp Australia book worth its asking price. We rolled into a bush park called “Scenic Lookout” for fairly obvious reasons. ...