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Nov 28, 2011, Eucla, Australia travel blog

Nov 28, 2011

A travel blog entry by spanglehatsinoz


Cave dwellers and cave man day, Eucla, Australia travel blog

Cave dwellers and cave man day

A travel blog entry by mpeacock


Today is not what you would expect on the nullarbor. We stopped at Cocklebiddy over night and unhitched the van so we could explore. A drive of about 20km we came across two great caves. However, without abseiling gear we were stuck looking from above. ...

Nullarbor Plain= Fahren,fahren,fahren (13 -15.01), Eucla, Autralia travel blog

Nullarbor Plain= Fahren,fahren,fahren (13 -15.01)

A travel blog entry by melundfelix


Um Melbourne auch rechtzeitig zum Australien Day zu erreichen, mussten wir die Traumstrände von Esperance nach 4 sehr schönen Tagen wieder verlassen. Nachdem wir auf unseren zweiten Roadtrip durch sehr dicht besiedeltes Gebiet gefahren sind, ...

Across the Nullarbor, Eucla, Australia travel blog

Across the Nullarbor

A travel blog entry by davenjulia


... a roadhouse at Mundrabilla with a big camping setup at the rear. It was also the site of the largest meteorite located in Australia. At Madura, the road drops steeply from the Nullarbor plain and you get a great view of the the Southern Ocean. We waved ...