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Cooktown a place of Discovery, Cooktown, Australia travel blog

Cooktown a place of Discovery

A travel blog entry by rossandsue

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... tyres rotated after doing 10,000K's for the Cooper's warranty. Picked Sue up and headed to the Grassy Tree Lookout overlooking Cooktown. We took some good photo's of the Endeavour River mouth and the township of Cooktown showing where Cook beached the HMS ...

Crumbs From Your Table, Cape Tribulation and Atherton Tablelands, Australia travel blog

Crumbs From Your Table

A travel blog entry by shaunduvall

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Tuesday 23rd November 2004 Road trip time! - hire a car, along with Dirk & Marco, to go to Cape Tribulation and the Atherton Tablelands. Relatively cheap car - AU$60 a day, though with thumping AU$1500 excess on insurance. I drive first day - havent ...

Cooktown and Campfires Cool, Cooktown, Australia travel blog

Cooktown and Campfires Cool

A travel blog entry by andrewanderica

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... us Brits) and soon headed off to Cooktown. This is the place where Captian Cook landed when he found the East coast of Australia. We meandered around the park and all the famous landmarks before we finally got a mobile signal and ventured to Nico's place ...

Uptown to Cooktown - better known as Closedtown, Cooktown, Australia travel blog

Uptown to Cooktown - better known as Closedtown

A travel blog entry by vickersontour

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... and open landscape. This is exactly why we are doing this part of the trip. This is where we get to see the real Australia and not just the coastal route. When we arrived at Bob's Lookout it gave fantastic views over the whole area, with nothing but land ...

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Guurrbi Tours

Guurrbi Tours


P.O. Box 417 Hope Vale Cooktown, Queensland, Australia

On these magical tours, Aboriginal Elder, Willie Gordon, takes guests to his ancestral rock art, high in the hills above Cooktown. Here he shares the meanings behind the art, explaining how the paintings speak of the essence of life and the lores of his people. With his great smile and infectious laugh, Willie gives an amazing insight into Aboriginal society and shows how we all have a spiritual connection to land, wherever we come from.

James Cook Historical Museum

James Cook Historical Museum


Helen Street Cooktown, Queensland, Australia