Bunbury, Australia

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Hotel Lord Forrest Bunbury

Hotel Lord Forrest Bunbury

3.50 358 reviews

20 Symmons Street, Bunbury, Australia

Comfort Inn Admiral Bunbury

Comfort Inn Admiral Bunbury

3.50 71 reviews

56 Spencer St, Bunbury, Australia

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Bicycling South, Bunbury, Australia travel blog

Bicycling South

A travel blog entry by wanderlustcat

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My big bike ride had begun, with the first leg thirty kilometres from Freo to Rockingham, where I would pick up a bus to Bunbury. (I didn't have the time or money to bike the intervening kms, and there weren't places to stay, either). I wasn't sure what ...

Australia (South West Tour)  Freemantle - Bunbury, Bunbury, Australia travel blog

Australia (South West Tour) Freemantle - Bunbury

A travel blog entry by gonetilwhenever

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... (closes early on a Sunday - miracle it's even open on a Sunday!) before taking a look at the Dolphin Discovery Centre; Bunbury's main attraction. At the Dolphin Centre we were advised that the wild dolphins tend to come into the bay early in the ...

Australia - Back to Bunbury, Bunbury, Australia travel blog

Australia - Back to Bunbury

A travel blog entry by gonetilwhenever

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... Day 5 The toothache continued into the morning and didn't seem to be letting up. This called for a dentist. Now, for some reason, Bunbury has an unusually large concentration of dentists for a fairly small town - over 20 in fact. So, first thing in the ...

Waiting for the Dolphins, Bunbury, Australia travel blog

Waiting for the Dolphins

A travel blog entry by bethverde

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... of about 25 pink and gray galahs cavort around and on a street pole. The variety and beauty of the common parrots in Australia astounds me. However, these two stops cost us a morning with the dolphins. When we got there, the discovery center staff ...

Attractions in Bunbury

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Grand Cinemas

Grand Cinemas


87 Victoria St, Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia

Dolphin Discovery

Dolphin Discovery


Koombana Drive, P.O. Box 1178 Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia

Swim for free with the bottle-nosed dolphins who come into shore in Koombana Bay.