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Gourmet Dinner, Brooklet, Australia travel blog

Gourmet Dinner

A travel blog entry by donnartw2012


Spent the afternoon with Anna and her friend, Emma, learning about natural horsemanship from Candy- you can get a horse to stop moving by just looking at his back leg. Very cool. Watched the girls connect (? Don't think that's the right term) with Sarah ...

Rainy Days, Knockrow,  Australia travel blog

Rainy Days

A travel blog entry by donnartw2012


Boy is it muddy around here. The horses are up to their knees... Do horses have knees? It's been really stormy, so I spent my day off at the movies. Highly recommend Dark Shadows. Very campy and funny. Love the scene where Barnabus narrates his very ...

Day with the Horses, Brooklet, Australia travel blog

Day with the Horses

A travel blog entry by donnartw2012


First day on my own with the horses. Up at 7am to feed the cat and let the dogs in from the barn. Feed the horses and remove all their rugs- it's finally stopped raining! Walk the dogs around the other lake- there's a mini-rainforest over there. ...

Learning the ropes..., Brooklet, Australia travel blog

Learning the ropes...

A travel blog entry by donnartw2012


Couldn't resist. Especially since I've learned to put on a halter and lead the horses around. Enjoying the beautiful horses and ponies. I can't be the only person that thought ponies grew up to be horses, can I? So much to learn. The ponies: Sally ...