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Hanging Around Waiting, Beeliar, Australia travel blog

Hanging Around Waiting

A travel blog entry by guidos-blog

It's a bit like last day of school here, up at 0530, with a shitload of hours still to wait. I have tried to annoy, Tina, Emily and Jasmin and no one seems to be taking the bait. Bags are all packed, taxi organised, Spondula's are in the wallet and ...

Finally - we are getting somewhere!, Beeliar, Australia travel blog

Finally - we are getting somewhere!

A travel blog entry by shannonsavage

Well the last couple of days have been fairly constructive! Bank accounts finally sorted after another hour and a half at the banks. Even they were confused by our bank accounts which appeared on their system and are active but non-existent to online ...

Jack of all trade and master of none!, Beeliar, Australia travel blog

Jack of all trade and master of none!

A travel blog entry by shannonsavage


Today has been a rather straight forward day actually. Made it into Perth and back on a train through Perth underground.. Come on! You got to be proud of me! Shaun went for an interview in a sky scrapper and has 3 interviews lines up. Trial shift for ...

The Ideal Jobs, Beeliar, Australia travel blog

The Ideal Jobs

A travel blog entry by shannonsavage


So today has been a great day on the jobs front. Took the train into the city this morning so Shaun could go to a job interview at a very posh restaurant where he met a very accomplished chef who has given him a working trial. Only $55,000 a year - no ...