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A travel blog entry by shaunduvall

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... there is not a lot to do here! Friday 3rd December 2004 Got up to do what I came here for, my last diving in Australia (in theory!) Sppedboat to the SS Yongala, a passenger ship that sank in 1910, killing about 120 people, who still lie there! ...

Where are the koalas?, Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island, Australia travel blog

Where are the koalas?

A travel blog entry by emanddave

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Up early for our 7.30 am bus Townsville further down the coast. Got the bus with Premier Bus Service - cheapest service which runs once a day and could do 3 stops between Cairns and Sydney for $160 each. Only problem was (apart from the drivers who ...

To Ayr...via Bowen, Ayr, Australia travel blog

To Ayr...via Bowen

A travel blog entry by rbisset

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... room available. Decided to ring a couple of hostels in Ayr, the next picking town north, and managed to book a room at Ayr Backpackers. Quickly visited the travel agent in Bowen and managed to get back on the same bus and continue north. Arrived in ...

Leaving Aus - Review of Australia, Ayr, Australia travel blog

Leaving Aus - Review of Australia

A travel blog entry by rbisset

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... of the better in Aus. --------------------------- Review of Australia --------------------------- That was the summary of life in Ayr so here's the review of Australia. I came to Aus expecting to love it and wanting to live here. In the end the ...