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The re-evaluation of life., Arundel, Australia travel blog

The re-evaluation of life.

A travel blog entry by boatboy50


It's amazing how things just fall into place isn't it? In my usual spare time searches of caravan sale websites such as and gumtree, I found myself searching for and dreaming of family caravans capable of undertaking a longer ...

Off comes all but the aluminium, Arundel, Australia travel blog

Off comes all but the aluminium

A travel blog entry by geoken


Well now that the inside resembles a gutted whale I thought I should remove all the aluminium edging to se what lies beneath. Bugger....holes, lots of holes! As I removed the roof/cladding edge moulding I found very large holes in the roof. A couple were ...

We have space, Arundel, Australia travel blog

We have space

A travel blog entry by geoken

We have rented a warehouse to give us the space to re-model the caravan and sort out what's going and what's not. We managed to find a very large 750 m2 warehouse that is up for lease. The owner was happy to rent it to us on a month to month basis until ...

Another Visit from the Landlord, Arundel, Australia travel blog

Another Visit from the Landlord

A travel blog entry by geoken

Monday Morning and who should stroll through the door Neville our Landlord, this time he's yelling; "NO, NO, NO, I didn't agree to that." as he points to Rain working on the fabric for the van in one of the offices."You cant use that office it cost me ...