Trelew, Argentina

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Rayentray Hotel Trelew

Rayentray Hotel Trelew

2.50 134 reviews

Calle Belgrano 397, Trelew, Argentina

City Hotel Trelew

City Hotel Trelew

2.0 31 reviews

Calle Rivadavia 247, Trelew, Argentina

Hotel Galicia Trelew

Hotel Galicia Trelew

3.00 66 reviews

9 de Julio 214, Trelew, Argentina

Libertador Hotel Trelew

Libertador Hotel Trelew

3.50 182 reviews

Calle Rivadavia 31, Trelew, Argentina

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Wales in Coastal Patagonia, Trelew, Argentina travel blog

Wales in Coastal Patagonia

A travel blog entry by lizandkev

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... and more importantly how to search for a venue! They are first language Welsh speakers and we got to hear them speaking Welsh to another Welsh person living in Gaiman whilst in a Welsh town in Argentina. We thought that was pretty ...

defunct tea and scones, Trelew, Argentina travel blog

defunct tea and scones

A travel blog entry by coopertrooper

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... 1840s, again, something in the water during this period of time, and the Welsh are sick of English persecution. They apply to Argentina for land in Patagonia and are granted some. 150 Welsh sail over and start another little corner of Wales, right her. ...

Trelew and Welsh Argentina!, Trelew and Gaiman, Argentina travel blog

Trelew and Welsh Argentina!

A travel blog entry by alexndean

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... to kick in and when it does where better to go than Wales? So, that is exactly where we went, well, near enough, Welsh Argentina. The area we have been in was originally occupied by Welsh settlers as you can tell by the names of the towns (Puerto Madryn, ...

Pinguinos, Pinguinos and More Pinguinos, Trelew, Argentina travel blog

Pinguinos, Pinguinos and More Pinguinos

A travel blog entry by jackdrury

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Trelew (pronounced tray-lay-ooh), originally a Welsh community in Patagonia, is one of Ellenīs reasons for coming to Argentina. Not for the Welshmen, but for the penguins. I rented a Volkswagen and drove one hundred and twenty kilometres to Parque Punta ...

Attractions in Trelew

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Paleontological Museum

Paleontological Museum "Egidio Feruglio" (MEF)


Fontana 140, Trelew, Province of Chubut, Patagonia, Argentina