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La Quiaca, Argentina

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Hotel de Turismo La Quiaca

Hotel de Turismo La Quiaca

3.50 64 reviews

Republica Arabe Siria and Av San Martin , La Quiaca, Argentina

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Argentina and out, La Quiaca, Argentina travel blog

Argentina and out

A travel blog entry by pidgeandpie

This is a top pick!

Sum-A-Ree ARGENTINA SUMMARY Highlights: - Lowlights: - Places Visited: ? Days Visited: ??-Days Budget: GBP ?.?? per day per person (1GBP=?????) Total Distance travelled: ????kms Cost of transport: GBP ??.??(Rail, Road, Water) 1Km = ...

Border Hopin

Border Hopin'

A travel blog entry by shaneandsam

... across the bridge-border to Villazon in Bolivia. Couldn't help but notice there was a lengthy queue trying to get into Argentina, in stark contrast to the small band of backpackers trying to leave it! Made our way past the official and unofficial ...

Up and over the border!, La Quiaca, Argentina travel blog

Up and over the border!

A travel blog entry by dianeontheroad


... delays... It only took an hour or so to fix, thank god, then we were back on our way. We were getting higher and higher, La Quiaca rests at 3,500m above sea level. The town is pretty dire to be honest, the best thing about it being that you can actually ...

Bolivia Here I Come!, Vilazon, Bolivia travel blog

Bolivia Here I Come!

A travel blog entry by ronamayk


... time to suffer comes - the time to dill with the real world is here - Bolivia here I come!!! Well, I'm just kidding :) half kidding... Argentina and Chile were like home to me in the last 3 month and it was the time for me to say goodbye and move ...