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The Weekend in Jesus Maria, Jesus Maria, Argentina travel blog

The Weekend in Jesus Maria

A travel blog entry by rbartorillo

Children and the Chocolate Factory, Jesús María, Argentina travel blog

Children and the Chocolate Factory

A travel blog entry by ditdotnonny


... there to help an play as were we. Conversation mainly revolved around what drugs we took in England in comparison to Argentina and we swapped bad vocabulary. I taught them 'Willy'. The experience culminated in us visiting the Arcor chocolate factory ...

Jesuit Farms, Jesús María, Argentina travel blog

Jesuit Farms

A travel blog entry by dbadgery


A day trip out into the country surrounding Cordoba to Jesus Maria, a small town which has grown up around one of the six Jesuit estancias which supported the Jesuits in Cordoba. After getting lost walking through the small, dusty town, finally found the ...

Po poteh izgubljenih spominov otroštva, Colonia Caroya, Argentina travel blog

Po poteh izgubljenih spominov otroštva

A travel blog entry by bibka


Pravzaprav je današnji zapis skopi zapis dvodnevnega dogajanja kot ga podoživljam osebno kot spremljevalka mojega Dušana na obisku tistega dela te dežele, kjer je on doživljal svoje zgodnje otroštvo. Svoje misli in ...