Gaiman, Argentina

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Posada Los Mimbres Gaiman

Posada Los Mimbres Gaiman

5.00 51 reviews

Chacra 211, Gaiman, Argentina

Ty Gwyn Gaiman

Ty Gwyn Gaiman

4.00 20 reviews

Calle 9 de Julio 111, Gaiman, Argentina

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Trelew and Welsh Argentina!, Trelew and Gaiman, Argentina travel blog

Trelew and Welsh Argentina!

A travel blog entry by alexndean

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... to kick in and when it does where better to go than Wales? So, that is exactly where we went, well, near enough, Welsh Argentina. The area we have been in was originally occupied by Welsh settlers as you can tell by the names of the towns (Puerto Madryn, ...

Rio Gallegos and Welsh Patagonia, Rio Gallegos, Trelew, Gaiman, Argentina travel blog

Rio Gallegos and Welsh Patagonia

A travel blog entry by marc-patty

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... , and who wants to see the best of what both countries have to offer, will end up crossing over the Chile-Argentina border several times, either that or end up severely back tracking. We're on our 5th crossing of this ...

LLAMA ENCOUNTER, Patagonian Desert, CH, Argentina travel blog


A travel blog entry by modernoddyseus

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In an old, white, compact car, Nora, Graciela, and I crossed the final 450 kilometers of the Patagonian desert. Flat, brown earth and small, dry plants fell behind the car and were replaced by more. The sky was big, cloud-less, and hot. We ...

Has anyone seen a penguin?, Gaiman, Argentina travel blog

Has anyone seen a penguin?

A travel blog entry by suenson_taylors

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... place to say you live but, at least, all are officer class and none under the rank of Colonel. One other aspect of Argentina that becomes apparent is that there no indigenous Indians about. We see only the descendents of white Europeans. Upon enquiry, the ...