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28 Hours Later, Bariloche, Argentina travel blog

28 Hours Later

A travel blog entry by ameng

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... morning we caught the bus a few kilometres down the road and hired bikes to take around Circuito Chico, a pleasant ride around Bariloche which is a 20km route around the outskirts of Bariloche, with great views of the surrounding region.   At the ...

the last stretch in Patagonia ....., Bariloche, Argentina travel blog

the last stretch in Patagonia .....

A travel blog entry by helene

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... where it's the place to sleep, drink beer, eat chocolate and plan your route into Chile. After four months in Argentina, I'm oddly apprehensive about going to a different country. Argentina is fantastic, with friendly people, great steaks, cheap ...

Yay, the ash cloud cleared!, Bariloche, Argentina travel blog

Yay, the ash cloud cleared!

A travel blog entry by lizandkev

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Approaching Bariloche was like driving into some post-apocalyptic world. The town has been heavily affected by the recent eruptions from a nearby volcano in Chile and regularly gets covered in a cloud of ash. Looking out the windows of the bus we could ...

The Lake District, Bariloche, Argentina travel blog

The Lake District

A travel blog entry by patagonia2peru

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... an extreme temperature of -45 degrees centigrade: Philsy is hoping that this will not be absolutely necessary . . . Bariloche's also the 'chocolate capital of Argentina', and we're now doing our best to test this Lonely Planet claim - elderly ladies ...