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Argentina - Mendoza, Mendoza, Argentina travel blog

Argentina - Mendoza

A travel blog entry by thailand_dream

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... ticket before even leaving the bus station. After all, seats fill up quickly at this time of year. Aside from being Argentina's border province to Santiago, the Chilean capital, Mendoza is also famous for its wine. Around 70% of Argentina's annual wine ...

Salta,  Argentina  Whoop!, Salta, Argentina travel blog

Salta, Argentina Whoop!

A travel blog entry by thomaswguy

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... i to argentina and so far so good! We jumped on a 11 hour bus from Chile, hit up passport control and jumped into Argentina!  Managed to smugle in some sarnies of salami and cheese we had made (no animall products over the border)  but for ...

Perfect cure for Mendoza, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Perfect cure for Mendoza

A travel blog entry by aborder

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... long as I can, have one last long shower and leave my bag at the hotel. I have about 11 hours till my bus. Cordoba is Argentina's 2nd largest city. It is lively, vibrant and has 7 universities. Of course, I have turned up when the uni's are on holiday! ...

Puerto Madryn and Gaiman, Puerto Madryn, Argentina travel blog

Puerto Madryn and Gaiman

A travel blog entry by anna_and_steve

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... species is classified as 'threatened' as oil spills kill 20,000 adults and 22,000 juveniles every year off the coast of Argentina.  The afternoon was a complete surprise as the tour was sold as a trip to see the penguins but we were suddenly offered ...