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Constantine to El-Oued, El-Oued, Algeria travel blog

Constantine to El-Oued

A travel blog entry by tomcoote


... When we asked for two tickets to El-Oued the bus conductor looked at us blankly. We held up two fingers and tried saying ‘El-Oued’ very slowly - I’m not sure how you would mime ‘El-Oued’ (it means ‘river bed’ in ...

El-Oued to Tozeur, El-Oued, Algeria travel blog

El-Oued to Tozeur

A travel blog entry by tomcoote


... 8211; and gives you a bit of background information on the town. There aren’t really any great tourist attractions, as such, in El-Oued but the town has a special feel and atmosphere and is a pleasure to wander around. Having very little time, we ...

Mar 16, 2012, Taghzout, Algeria travel blog

Mar 16, 2012

A travel blog entry by maarefatijania


El Souf, wit zand en duintrechters, El Oued, Algeria travel blog

El Souf, wit zand en duintrechters

A travel blog entry by matini


... trechter geschept worden om te verhinderen dat de bomen in het zand verzinken. El Souf, weisser Sand und Sandtrichter In Richtung El Oued, Hauptstadt des El Souf pausieren wir an einem grossen Weiher mitten in der Wüste in der Nähe von El Alia. Eine ...