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A Less Mysterious Country, Saranda, Albania travel blog

A Less Mysterious Country

A travel blog entry by whk2006

... . It doesn't seem as mysterious as what I had read. If judging only by the appearances of both Butrinti and Saranda, I would say Albania is no less developed than other Balkan countries. Maybe other parts of Albania are still not as developed and still ...

Journey throught the poorest European country, Saranda and Tirana, Albania travel blog

Journey throught the poorest European country

A travel blog entry by mjlankers


... schedule we got the most, we took as correct... Anyway, all in all, we needed at least double the time in Albania. We were able to see Saranda (on the southern beach) and Tirana (the capital)... but were not able to see the beaches on the Ionic coast, ...

Ahh beaches and sun, how I

Ahh beaches and sun, how I've missed thee...

A travel blog entry by papayaprincess


... the boat from Corfu is cheap and takes a mere hour... We didn't spend much time here but I think Saranda is a vision of what a touristy Albania will look like in a few years... Unfortunately getting there can be a bit tedious as buses and minibuses ...

Mercedes Paradise, Saranda, Albania travel blog

Mercedes Paradise

A travel blog entry by reinder.prins


... a float due to the force of the water. Next to the spring there is a gasstation with a little restaurant. Now, restaurant in Albania means: a few tables and chairs, a cooler with beer, a bottle of the local firewater and husband and wife that make some ...