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Trek Sopoti a atické město Butrint, Butrint, Albania travel blog

Trek Sopoti a atické město Butrint

A travel blog entry by deniska


... ' ramadánu.  Při pohledu na záchodovou hygienu a nakonec trošku na trajektu cestou na Korfu. Atické město Butrint Jednoznačně nejhezčí památka z Albánie. Tento areál je zařazen od roku 2000 do UNESCO ...

Serial Killer, Butrint, Albania travel blog

Serial Killer

A travel blog entry by pwong


... as a means of warding off the evil eye.  But I know the sick, perverted truth - there's a Serial Killer loose in Albania, randomly murdering innocent teddy bears!  Oh, the horror!!!  Luckily for me, the ancient ruins of Butrint provided a ...

Butrint - Archäologischer Nationalpark, Butrint, Albania travel blog

Butrint - Archäologischer Nationalpark

A travel blog entry by skipetarenland


... 1992). Großes Areal mit 14 Stationen diverser Ausgrabungen aus ca. 2500 Jahren. Die gesamte Ausstellungsfläche beträgt 86km˛. Aber da ist der Nationalpark schon miteingerechnet!!! Für mehr Infos: www.butrint.org oder einfach selbst ...

I dreamt I dwelt in marble halls ..., Butrint, Albania travel blog

I dreamt I dwelt in marble halls ...

A travel blog entry by cruising2010


... souvenir shops and markets, and travel around the ancient ruins at the guide's pace rather than our own. The city of Butrint, now a UNESCO world heritage site, was an important Greco-Roman port back in the day, and boasted several churches, a ...

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Butrint Monastery

Butrint Monastery


Butrint, Albania