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Trip to Kandahar (southern of Afghanistan), Kandahar, Afghanistan travel blog

Trip to Kandahar (southern of Afghanistan)

A travel blog entry by samcato

... full of  tiny jungle estates made to suit the weather which I can't even remember the names.   Many think that Afghanistan is hot and mountainous but they are wrong because most of the places are cold and snowing though in ...

Welcome to Kandahar, Kandahar, Afghanistan travel blog

Welcome to Kandahar

A travel blog entry by shaunna


... the movies and free flowing alcohol were the highlight of my trip! :)  I had to take advantage of the opportunity since Kandahar Airfield is mostly dry....there are only a few countries that allow their troops to drink alcohol here and even ...

Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day

A travel blog entry by shaunna

In ...

Rainy Season, Kandahar, Afghanistan travel blog

Rainy Season

A travel blog entry by shaunna

In ...